Tuesday, November 3, 2015

An election day message

We in the (nominal) capital of global democracy don't have anything to vote on today. One of the side-effects of being a federal district without voting representation in Congress, I suppose... which is just one reason why I emphasize that we're the nominal capital of democracy only. 

And I've got a craving for some secondhand political participation satisfaction, you know what I mean?

So hey, friends and neighbors in Virginia? (And also Ohio, Kentucky, Mississippi, Colorado, Houston, Salt Lake City, and San Francisco, or anywhere else that has a referendum or a race for office) Just go and vote, all right? 

I know it's not glamorous voting in an off year, and the issues at hand might not interest you directly. But what's happening at the state and local level is, believe it or not, going to affect you much more directly than what's happening on the national stage. 

So make your voice heard. I don't even care where you stand on a given issue or politician. Just make your voice heard. As citizens, we agree on more than we think, and when we don't use our civic power, special interests and their wealthy backers win, and we lose.

Happy election day from a privileged white man in a disenfranchised city.


There's no need to rush...