Tuesday, December 8, 2015

But it's Donald Trump who hates America.
I'll say it again: Donald. Trump. Hates. America.

"F*ck America, make Trump Great Again."
I don't care anymore whether his presidential candidacy is sincere or just an elaborate performance designed to increase his influence on the national stage. Neither should you, because it no longer matters. It's possible that Trump truly believes that he is going to "make America great again," but it doesn't make a difference. His actions and his words threaten us as a nation of united states. His is the language of division, fear, and hostility. His are the politics of exclusion, demagoguery, and violence. Those things cannot create. They can only destroy.
Regardless of Trump's true intentions, he's playing a dangerous game with the American values of unity, brotherhood, liberty, and justice. He's attempting to hijack the cultural anxiety of contemporary working-class white America, dividing the population against itself and either tearing our society apart or laying the foundation for a fascist takeover. America under President Trump would succumb to anger and fear, betraying and murdering the America the Founders envisioned just as surely as Darth Vader betrayed and murdered Anakin Skywalker. Even without the presidency, he's succeeded in creating an environment of hostility and suspicion at a time when unity is more important than ever if we're going to have any hope of confronting the true challenges of the 21st century.
So to the people being interviewed in this video and those inclined to agree with them, let me state this in no uncertain terms (on the infinitesimal chance any of you read my blog): Donald trump does not care about you. He does not care about keeping you safe. Donald Trump cares about Donald Trump. He represents the wealthy elites, the moneyed interests who would keep you, me, our families and friends, our neighbors and colleagues, all of us distracted and fighting among ourselves while their irresponsible, unchecked brand of militarized hyper-capitalism enslaves us. Creating a scary "other" out of Muslims is only the beginning. Before long the monster under the bed will be someone else. Who knows, it could even be you.
It's time to shut this dangerous demagogue out of our national politics before he can do any more damage.