Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Bane of Productivity

Greetings goobahs, Maineiacs, flatlandahs, folk from away, and most importantly, horse's patoots. Welcome to the blog.

Being that it's April, and those of you who know me also know I'm on the cusp of the Spring semester crunch, you might be asking "Who starts a blog during finals, anyway?" Or maybe that's just me asking. Good question, either way. It could be that I'm making a huge mistake. Maybe the fine (read: completely un-DC-like) springtime weather has me missing home a little. Perhaps I needed a way to clear my head while poring over academic journals and navigating the capricious landscape of a MA program in international affairs. Look, I don't have to explain myself to you, OK? Go do comments on some news site if you want to be snarky. I swear, you... hold it, that's no way to welcome people to my fledgling site; let's start over.

Hey kids, thanks for coming. My name's Adam and I'm a Maine expat living in Washington, DC. After pedaling my way around our nation's capital for more time than is entirely advisable (and certainly more than the average YoPro,) I've decided to write a bit about life in such an absurdly quirky place after growing up in another absurdly quirky place. Oddly enough, this decision came not long after I found out I'd be spending the better part of my summer in Ecuador. Well, it wasn't totally unexpected- let's say I had a hunch.  Anyway, in the run-up to the trip, I'll be sharing my entirely inadequate efforts to prepare. Topics will include (maybe) intriguing social issues; (probably) figuring out just how much Spanish I actually still know; (definitely) whether it's at all feasible to explore Quito by bike as I've done with Washington;  and anything else that happens to fall under my Valyrian steel greatsword of inscrutable truth. ¡A Bordo!

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